Milt Stegall Legacy Fund

About the Classic

May 4-6, 2018
770 Kingsbury Avenue (WSF North Complex)
Winnipeg, MB

The Overarching Theme:

To bring the Manitoba football community together with an annual event open to all skills levels and ages, while creating a lasting legacy of giving back to amateur football leagues and local charities.

The Concept:

Teams register to play a weekend tournament of touch football, with the bonus of playing alongside CFL alumni and local celebrities. Each team will be paired with one local celebrity or CFL alumnus to join them on the field.

The Celebrities:

Milt is recruiting a list of the “Who’s Who” in Canadian Football, media and local celebrities. The Celebrity Classic is a once in a lifetime opportunity to play with hall of famers and local heroes.

The Skinny:

The majority of proceeds raised from the tournament will go toward helping individuals in the football community who need financial assistance to participate in High Performance Programs. The cost to represent your province or country is skyrocketing and we believe that if an athlete is talented enough, works hard, has a good head on their shoulders, money shouldn’t define their opportunities. Funds will be distributed through the Milt Stegall Legacy Fund.

This event will also support Variety the Children’s Charity, in memory of our dear friend Jerry Maslowsky, and help Lyle Bauer continue his work with the Never Alone Foundation.

The Coin:

Title sponsorships along with category partners will ensure the event is a success before we even take to the field by covering expenses, so we can focus on raising as much money for these worthy causes as possible.

The Look:

No matter how they play, the players will look good. Each participant will be decked out in the tournament uniform, a jersey tee and shorts with a few key elements to distinguish us and give us a unique and professional look.

The tournament uniforms are more than simple keepsakes, when the tournament is long over, it’s something they will wear with pride.

The Atmosphere:

The tournament will feature a DJ playing full time and acting as event emcee to engage the teams and the crowd. It will feel like the lively atmosphere of a college game, with fun, smiles and laughs.

The tournament will feature a Skills/combine competition where everyone can compete and test their skill sets against the Pros & Celebrities. There will be Food Trucks outside for the crowd and players to enjoy. And finally the tournament will feature Photo Booths, so you can create instant, lasting memories.

The Bling:

To the victor goes the spoils! We’re talking major hardware. We’re getting the biggest trophy we can get, and if you win, it’s yours for a year. Bragging rights aside, Champions are Champions!

The Game:

We’ll adopt the rules for the PIT FOOTBALL & WINNIPEG FOOTBALL COLLECTIVE – these are the experts and we’ll work with them to set up games.

The Stripes:

Each Game will be officiated by Officials from various leagues.


We will create awards that recognize not only the gifted, but also those who made us smile, laugh and who embodied the values the game teaches.